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3 Ways To Make Corporate Balloon Decor Arrangements That Impress Yet Still Keep The Event Feeling Professional

Dec 30

Using balloons for corporate decor arrangements can be a very effective way to add a little color and excitement to your business’ events! Here are three tips you should know to help ensure your balloons are properly displayed.


Use Classic Balloon Decor Styles - Even A Little Bit Goes A Long Way!

Using balloons to decorate a venue is an art form. If you aren’t a balloon master don’t worry… professional balloon artists at Diddams Party & Toy Store are completely capable of creating the perfect balloon decor for your special occasion. For high-quality corporate balloon decor arrangements in Mountain View CA, Diddams Party & Toy Store is the name to remember. Steve Diddams owns the business and is the go-to provider of balloon decor arrangements in the Silicon Valley CA area. 

With the right technology and tools, your balloon decor is sure to be a huge hit with your guests. No event is too big or too small for a sprinkling of balloon magic! Whether you are having a small get together or a full-fledged corporate event, a few balloons are all it takes to make your party a hit. Getting the right balloons can be tricky. It is best to enlist the services of a reputable company like Diddams who can show you the ropes. And, while you are at it, make sure to check out their impressive range of balloons, balloon supplies, and balloon delivery services. Balloon decor is sure to make your next event the talk of the town.


Transporting Inflated Balloons Without Popping Them

Getting inflated balloons from a balloon decor store or balloon shop to your event can be a tricky task. You need to ensure that your balloons stay intact and in good condition. Inflated balloons can be transported in a car but you should always take caution. Depending on the materials used in your balloons, they may sag or even pop. It’s highly recommended that you have your balloon decor delivered by a professional - that way, you know for sure that your decorations will arrive safely!

Here are a few things to consider if you plan to create balloon decor yourself! Balloons can be made from various materials such as latex, mylar, vinyl, or foil. Reusable balloons are the most environmentally friendly choice as they can be reused. Balloons can also be treated to increase their life span. Balloon sealant is a common product that is found in craft stores and floral wholesalers. It helps keep the balloons from tangling. You can also use a balloon transport bag. These bags are designed to prevent balloon damage and are specifically made for party transportation.


Protecting Your Balloons From Heat & Other Potential Dangers

Choosing a balloon decor arrangement that can withstand heat can be a bit tricky. Although balloons are durable, they can pop if they are exposed to heat. This will affect the look of your balloons and the time they can float. In order to keep your balloons looking great, follow these tips.

Use a tablecloth to protect the bottom of your balloons from rough surfaces. The wind can blow against balloons and cause them to pop. Also, don't let your balloons touch grass blades. You can also protect your balloons from the sun. Latex balloons can become brittle in warm temperatures. They should not be stored in front of air conditioners either. In addition, they can be easily damaged by sharp objects. The best way to keep your balloons looking great is to use high quality balloons. These balloons will last longer than cheaper latex balloons. They are also safer, so they are less likely to pop.



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