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Newport Residences as the residential, Newport Tower as the office, and Newport Plaza as retail mall

Jul 21

Newport Residences homeowners and investors with the opportunity to buy one million dollars worth of property in the popular Tanjong Pagar area. City Developments Ltd. will be building the 51-story mixed-use structure that has plenty of space for business, beautiful apartments and also stunning apartments which will be served.

Newport Residences official project by City Developments Ltd (CDL) is the entity responsible for the construction of the new structures on the site of the former Fuji Xerox Towers, which are now named Newport Residences, Newport Plaza Newport Plaza, Newport Plaza Newport Tower, as well as Newport Tower. The site is located at the center of Singapore's CBD which stands to mean Central Business District.

There are three parts of this project, including Newport Residences as the residential component, Newport Tower as the office component and Newport Plaza being the retail mall component. Floor area (GFA) of Newport Residences' new Newport Residences is anticipated to be about 655,000 square feet or 60,851 sq m. The new Newport Residences will have approximately 25% more GFA than the current office building that is located within this site.

The residents living in the gorgeous Newport Residences will be able to avail the well-established public and private transport system which is right to. The main Anson Road and Keppel Road permit drivers to get to every service within the vicinity quickly. Additionally, the Newport Residences are within walking distance to many MRT stations, as and buses stops.

Newport Residences are situated in the famous Tanjong Pagar neighborhood in district 02 of Singapore. It is a place with diverse traditions and has historic significant. This is an ideal place for singles, couples or younger and older individuals because it has a mix of expensive and cheap as also slow and speedy complicated and easy ways to live.

Newport Residences residents Newport Residences which are family-friendly will be capable having their kids attend most prestigious schools in the area. The majority of the best schools are just just a hop, leap, and a skip away from the lively Newport Residences.

Shopping malls like 100 AM Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Icon Village Icon Village 100 AM Tanjong Pagar Plaza, and Raffle City Singapore are near the luxurious areas of Newport Residences. People who live in Newport Residences can enjoy exquisite meals in elegant and traditional eateries with friendly service. They are situated within shopping malls.

The Housing & Development Board (HDB) announced its tender for bids on Tengah Garden Walk EC on 26/11/2020. The bids received were seven at the time of the tender closed on May 2021. Taurus Properties Sg Pte. Ltd. is the winner of the tender and the bid was of $400,3118,000, which is $603.00psf per ppr (per sq ft of land ).The land's size will be 22,020.8 sqm , or 237.031,89 Sqft will yield 120 housing units spread across 12 towers that will be taller than the 14th floor.

Taurus Properties, a joint partnership consisting of 50:50 between City Developments Limited (CDL) and MCL Land won the tender with a remarkably small difference that was 0.03% compared to the next bid. New Port Residences EC is their second collaboration with MCL Land for 2022 after the success of Piccadilly Grand which was launched on 7/5/2022 . It was sold for 77% on the weekend following the launch. The weekend following the launch, astonishing results were evident in the number of 77% from the structure's value was sold within just 2 days.

Newport Residences is the first EC located in Tengah, The Forest Town. It is strategically situated within it's own Garden of Tengah Walk, that is situated inside District 24. It was once scrubland and forest, and was primarily used to train the military. While it's not being developed, Tengah, The Forest Town is a great place to reside in and offers exciting experiences for people who live there in the near future. Newport Residences EC. Tengah is situated in the lush greenery of. It includes five zones of planned residential development each with distinct characteristics of its own. This is also the only "car-free" downtown in the city, offering the safety of a place for cyclists and pedestrians. The residential areas in Tengah will be split into five districts, each having distinct features. The districts include Garden District. Plantation District, Forest Hill District., Park District and Brickland District.