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The Top 5 Hospitality Jobs that Pay the highest pay

Mar 9

The hospitality industry gives people the opportunity to interact with other people and provide excellent customer service. There are numerous career options in the field of hospitality by RestaurantZone. It is a good idea to consider the salaries for each position within the field when you're looking for a job. In this post, we'll discuss some of the most lucrative hotel jobs.

1. Event Manager

The responsibilities of event managers will differ based on their field and business, however, their primary responsibilities are identical: plan, coordinate, and oversee events of any size. Event managers can also organize meetings with their clients and businesses to promote their company's brand.


Event managers collaborate with their clients to organize events in their hotels or other entertainment venues. They handle the logistics, including catering, and the space for events. For success, the event planners must be organized and have excellent communication abilities. Event managers can make a salary of around $43,018 annually.


2. Travel manager

The managers of travel programs are employed by large companies and travel agencies. They arrange for their client's employees, staff, and executives from the business.


Travel managers are available to clients during working hours. However, they could be available on the evenings and weekends to help clients with any problems that may arise during vacation. Other responsibilities include booking accommodation and reviewing travel contracts and processing paperwork, as well as making travel plans. The salary of a Travel Manager is an annual salary of $46,028.


3. Sommelier

Sommeliers oversee the wine selections in the restaurants as well as hotels. The most common duties include making wine labels, changing the wine inventory, and recommending wine pairings to customers. Waitstaff may also purchase wines from other sources. To be a sommelier you should be enthusiastic about wine and possess excellent communication abilities. You'll need to interact with others frequently during your job. Sommeliers can become certified to prove their knowledge of wine. Sommelier jobs pay an average of $48,476 per year.


4. Executive chef

Executive chefs manage the day-to-day activities of restaurants and hotels kitchens. They may be accountable for hiring and managing employees, and also making menus and beverage pairings. Coordinating the tasks of other staff members, evaluating and coordinating staffing, and getting feedback on the services and quality. Executive chefs could also be accountable for the management of the accounting of restaurants, which includes the monitoring of inventory and payroll. The average pay for executive chefs was $64,990.


5. Casino director

The casino director is accountable to ensure that the casino's activities are running smoothly. This includes supervising the casino's employees as well as guests. They are accountable for hiring staff, training, and supervising employees. They manage the work schedules of employees, track the profits, oversee security cameras, and analyze surveillance footage to guarantee a good customer experience. They can resolve customer complaints and concerns. The average pay for a Director at a Casino is $142,302 per year.



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