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Lentor Modern by Guocoland is comprised of three towers of 25-storey luxurious residences

Mar 5

Lentor Modern is one of the latest and cutting-edge developments developed by Guocoland Limited, is scheduled to be completed by mid-February 2022. Guocoland Limited has a long tradition of building huge-scale luxury homes. Guocoland Limited has experience in the design and construction of luxurious residences for its customers. They are one of the most trusted and well-known developers from Singapore.

The luxurious and spacious Lentor Modern condominium by Guocoland is situated in the newly constructed Lentor Hill Estates comprised of three towers. Each tower has a height of approximately 25 floors. The condominiums are located within close proximity to the natural environment that lets residents enjoy the stunning views from their residence. A large number of people love being in the nature and take advantage of a myriad of benefits and benefits that could increase the cost to the Lentor modern.

There are a variety of parks within the property including Thomson Nature Park, Bishan Park, Lower Peirce Reservoir Park and numerous others. Guocoland Limited is the latest mixed development that comprises luxury homes in Singapore.

It is in connection to The Lentor Metro Station. The developers have created this stunning project in the light of the necessity for residents to be able to live in luxury.

Furthermore, Lentor Modern Show flat will be accessible to all across the world. Anyone who wishes to buy the property and join the company can come to the property which will begin operations from the year 2022. The date has been set at the end of February in the first quarter. Anyone planning to make a trip to the property to attend the event is required to schedule an appointment. Then you can schedule an appointment to sign up. Each service gives residents a distinct living style that's more comfortable.

It was a time when developers wanted to offer incredible connectivity to residents living in communities where they built condominiums. They constructed them in areas that were easily accessible to all. Residents are also in a position to connect to major lines that include lines like that of Downtown Line, Circle Line, Line North and Line South South and those that run east and west. Due to the many services available to leisure users, Lentor Modern is set to become an important landmark within the city and the ideal place to live.

Guocoland Limited, known as a well-established Singapore property developer and property developer with an excellent reputation, has proudly built Lentors Modern. Due to its proximity to the location of Lentors Modern in the Central Expressway The project is accessible from all parts of Singapore.

residents who live in Lentor Modern and in the adjacent area will enjoy advantages of having a range of F&B and retail options such as the most luxurious supermarket, as well as childcare services for children.With the goal of expanding Lentor Hill as a Lentor Hill area as an appealing lifestyle and residential zone where residents can live in the modern day of city Living in an luxurious Central area.

The home of each individual is a representation of the high standard of life they have in a luxurious city. It is the feeling of timeless beauty and the sexiness that never ceases. This can be witnessed in the broad variety of fittings and fixtures such as ceiling fans that can be integrated into rooms.

Future residents must take advantage from Thomson East Coast Line. Thomson East Coast Line. Thomson East Coast Line and is a fast and efficient journey into Singapore's City region, and also to other parts of Singapore using the public transportation system. The train is called Thomson East Coast Line Thomson East Coast Line and the new residents are required to traverse seven stations before getting to Orchard. Orchard MRT Interchange is run through North South Line. North South Line. North South Line.